Relocating Tips: How to Move to the Roaring Fork Valley


Relocating—whether it be to a new place 30 minutes away or to a new state—brings excitement and joy at the same time as challenges and stressors. Here, Lynn and the team at Amore Realty offer relocating tips for a move to the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado.

DIY or Hire a Professional

Do you plan to pack and haul your belongings on your own, or are you planning to hire a professional? This is one of the first decisions to make, since it’ll impact your moving timeline.

If you go the DIY route, you’ll need time to work out logistics on your own. And if you get a mover, you’ll need to shop around, and then verify that your chosen moving company is available on your move date.

Take Time to Choose a Mover

It’s important to check out, and get estimates from, more than one moving company. Ultimately, you want a mover that not only meets your moving budget, but is a company that you can trust and depend upon. Choose a moving company that offers moving insurance, and whose drivers are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If the moving company offers insurance, ask them what exactly the insurance covers.

Lynn & The Team at Amore Realty Can Help You

Lynn, owner and Managing Broker, and the team at Amore Realty can help you before, during, and after the relocating process. Feel free to share your moving company’s contact information with her and vice versa. That way, if the moving company is turned around once they arrive in the valley, they can contact someone who knows the area well, like Lynn and the team at Amore Realty.

Start Packing

Pack by Room, Label Your Boxes
Though tempting to get it over and done with, packing requires a strategy if you a low-stress unpacking process. So, pack by room, and then by category.

For example, you could start by packing up the kitchen; next, pack by category, and fill a box with glasses, wine glasses, coffee cups, tea cups, and the like. Once you’re done with the glasses and cups category, you can pack your next box with kitchen tools and appliances. And the next box with eating utensils, plates, and bowls.

And before you start packing a new box, remember to label it with the room, the category, and a short list of what’s inside. This simple step can make unpacking easier. Once you arrive in your new home, and all of your belongings are in piled in one spot, your first step could be as simple as using the labels to move boxes to their respective rooms.

Discard as You Go

As you’re packing, you’ll most likely discover belongings that you didn’t even realize you still owned. If you’re ready to part with them, then place them in designated boxes; next, separate these items by those you plan to donate and those you plan to sell in a garage sale.

The lighter your load, the better. Plus, you’ll arrive in your new space free of belongings you no longer want or need.

Important Items & Valuables

Important documents and valuables are things you should transport with you. This way, you always have access to them, and you don’t have to stress over whether they’ll safely arrive at your new home.

When You Arrive

When you arrive at your new home, you’ll most likely be exhausted from a day of traveling. One of the first things you should do is re-energize and refuel, so that you’re ready for whatever lies ahead. The Chamber Associations are great resources for restaurant recommendations and contact information.
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We’re Here to Help You Relocate

We hope these relocating tips help you make a smooth transition from old to new. If you have questions about relocating, we’d be delighted to give you additional advice.

Call Lynn and the team at Amore Realty at 970-379-4766, or send us an email. got milf.
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